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Your privacy in completing any investigation is always safeguarded. Our Discreet Las Vegas private investigators are trained to conduct surveillance, locate people and witnesses, investigate fraud, trademark infringement, check for hidden spy devices in your home, office or vehicle and many other types of private investigations.
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Hire Las Vegas private investigators for spousal investigations, surveillance, background checks and finding missing persons, handled with professional discretion.

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Elite Investigations takes every private investigation & detective case seriously and we utilize every available resource to solve your problem. We know Las Vegas and the Elite team of Las Vegas private investigators has the experience, tactics and professionalism for any domestic or corporate challenge you may be facing.

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What Is A Private Investigator?

Professional private investigators have multiple responsibilities, and the skills and training to execute them. Our investigative team has decades of experience investigating cases for organizations and people to Discover the Truth. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will show you the difference it makes to work with the most professional private investigator agency in Las Vegas.

Did You Know?

Experts say that a gut instinct is the most powerful indicator of a cheating lover. 85% of women and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating are correct.

95% of the domestic cases we investigate result in confirming that the spouse is cheating.

Domestic Investigations

If you need more information to make an important decision, the Elite team of private detectives is on your side. Find out what you need to know with a free consultation from the leading private investigators in Las Vegas. Background checks, spousal surveillance, assets research and missing persons searches are just a few of our areas of expertise.

Corporate Investigations

Keeping up with the costs of doing business means knowing what you’re up against. Elite private detectives specialize in corporate investigative services, including: insurance fraud , surveillance, witness and missing person searches, attorney services and support, pre-employment background checks and more. We are the best trained & equipped private detective agency in Las Vegas.

Some Of Our Specialties

Investigate Cheating Spouses

If you suspect that you have a cheating spouse or partner, you always have the right to know. We understand that this is a difficult and delicate situation. Our team of experienced private investigators will handle your case with the utmost discretion and respect.

Background Checks

Do you want to know the real truth about a person in your life? Do you want to know this truth without being swindled by sleazy background check services? At Elite Investigations, our team of expert private investigators will find the information on any individual in a timely manner.

Missing Persons

Have you been searching for a missing loved one, a long lost friend, biological parents, or even someone who you have a civil judgment against? Are you having no luck finding this person? At Elite Investigations, we have a team of seasoned investigators and access to thousands of information databases, many that are off limits to the general public.

Bug Detection

Espionage with bugs is extremely widespread in the corporate world. This includes spying using hidden cameras, time-lapse recorders, secret listening devices, or even installing spyware onto your computer. Surveillance technology can be installed by competitors or even your own employees.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud, especially when it comes to disability payments, drains your resources and can be very costly for many years. At Elite Investigations, our team of private investigators has the experience and training to see the red flags that are indicative of insurance fraud.

Employee Background Checks

Hiring an employee is creating a huge bond of trust. But how do you know exactly who you are hiring? At Elite Investigations, we can do pre-employment background checks, both nationally and internationally.
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