Elite Investigations is one of the premier investigative/detective agencies in the United States. We’ve been able to establish ourselves as a leading agency by approaching every case we’re hired on as an investment by our client. Our clients are investing in discovering the truth whenever they hire us and in return we focus on providing concrete and significant value at the completion of each case. Whether that value comes in the form of a confirmation of an individual’s physical condition or a clear picture of what an injured party is truly capable of, Elite Investigation is always focused on results.


Our commitment to providing value to each and every client is one of the reasons we’re one of the most sought after agencies to investigate insurance fraud. We have worked tens of thousands of workers compensation fraud cases. In these cases we have recorded tens of thousands of hours of video. We’re knowledgeable of surveillance techniques that work and the results of our investigative staff speak for themselves. In all of the insurance fraud cases we’ve investigated we have easily saved our clients and taxpayers over a hundred million of dollars.


Elite Investigation’s owner, Jon Girard, had this to say about our insurance fraud cases, “Our insurance fraud work gets media attention and convictions. We are trusted by corporations, state, county and city governments, criminal justice institutions and business owners of all sizes.”