Private investigators are often hired to do the legwork for attorneys. This includes collecting any additional information on the opposing party for evidence needed in a court case. We cater our services to the client, to help provide the most advanced investigations every single time.

Attorneys are very intelligent, but unfortunately their research skills have their limits. This is where a private investigator comes in handy. As attorneys may be left puzzled thinking, “The answer is out there, but how do I obtain the answer?”, investigators pick up the pieces in often creative and effective ways for the lawyers to bring to court.

Private investigators have many skill sets where lawyers are left out. They are able to locate missing people and assets, use electronic devices for surveillance, monitor people and properties, locate heirs, know the opponents next move, detect fraud and connect the dots to give the attorneys the missing information that they need.

Providing facts through hard evidence is where private investigators specialize. Corporate security investigations las vegas can help to lead an attorney in a court case with specific evidence, and have an advantage over the opponent. Since so much of our lives are in the public eye with new technologies and social media, it is easier to find evidence against the opposing party.

The information obtained by our investigators helps uncover past histories people do not want unveiled. The opposing client may be withholding information, which can be difficult for an attorney alone to uncover. A disadvantage to not having a private investigator is getting quality, truthful information. There is a great chance that not all of the data was uncovered from the first interview. Due to clients lying about information, or forgetting important details in the case – the attorneys are often putting in more time to figure out cases than needed.

Hiring a private investigator from the start of the case makes everything run much more smoothly. Information will be accurate based on surveillance, background checks will be conducted, and investigators will help connect the dots from the beginning of the case to the end. So call a Las Vegas corporate investigator to put the missing pieces together to any case!