If you are looking for a Las Vegas corporate investigator, you have come to the right place. Cases that are brought to court often require a lot of research and extra work. Here at Elite Investigations, our private investigators work side-by-side with our experienced legal team to provide help with various matters including but not limited to:

  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing and questioning witnesses
  • Background research of the opposing party
  • Jury profiling and polling

In order to be successful at any court case, one must work with the best and most experienced team possible. We can work around special circumstances to any case, and meet your requirements in a timely fashion. Our professional contacts are vital to the defense of any litigations. We provide potential leads on people involved or additional information, to settle any case for good.

To discuss a potential case, contact us for additional information to tailor to your needs and defense. We are a knowledgeable service that provides defense for litigations time after time.