If your child has moved away for school in Las Vegas, you may be wondering if they are safe. Since Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, parents may sometimes fear the worst. With casinos filling the streets, and bars open until late hours of the night, wondering about your child’s safety is understandable.

Many parents hire private investigators to keep a careful eye on their children who are now students. The amount of parents seeking professional private investigation services has grown over the years. When students go off to college, and suddenly the parents do not hear from them, this can often create panic for the parents.

A private investigator would monitor your child’s activity throughout the day. They conduct different surveillance techniques from mini cameras in apartments, to voice recorders and even GPS tracking. If surveillance measures are not enough, undercover detectives may even target the student’s social circle.

In many instances, detectives find that parental fears were overblown. In some cases, their child was doing something as innocent as trying to start up a band. But when parents come to a detective for help, or consider a missing persons search, they have to suspect that something is seriously wrong. Maybe their child is declining academically, and parents wonder if their child has fallen into the wrong crowd.

If you are seeking reassurance for your child’s whereabouts, then look no further. Here at Elite Investigations, we are experienced in high-tech surveillance methods to get you the information that you are seeking. So if you are unsure about your child’s recent behavior, contact us today so we can find an answer together!