Spousal Surveillance

If you are curious about sudden behavioral changes with your spouse, there may be a reason behind it. In many cases, a spouse may be going through a tough time, however that doesn’t rule out other activities that raise suspicion. From gambling and drinking to excessive shopping or cheating, Elite Investigations will be there to determine what is going on from spousal surveillance. If you are curious to check out this page, then there may be some activities that caused concern.


What Activities Suspicious Activities Should I  Look For?

There are many telltale signs that can justify hiring a private investigator. Some of the spousal activities you should look for include: excess charges on credit cards, changes in schedule and changes in intimacy. Changes in spousal behavior such as not answering calls, or making frequent calls to an unknown person can give off red flags. If their appearance changes and they are trying to make themselves more appealing by exercising more or wearing a new perfume, you should consider Spending less time together or if your spouse is suddenly travelling more are good reasons to seek out your local private investigator.


Where Do I Start?

Before confronting your spouse, it is a good idea to get the facts right first. If your gut instinct is telling you to check on your spouse, then it’s worth finding out everything you need to know before confronting them. Elite Investigations can conduct surveillance methods discreetly, without the spouse knowing. They will be respectful to laws and your property, and will only conduct surveillance methods with your permission. Get peace of mind with a free consultation from Elite Investigations.


What If I am Wrong?

If you are wrong, at least you will know the facts. You were able to gain peace of mind without risking your relationship. Investigators will not tell anyone you know about the surveillance, so you can be assured that everything in your relationship will remain the same.


What to do When investigations are being Conducted?

Do not do anything out of the ordinary from your normal routine. Also, do not ask a lot of questions about your spouse’s activities, which makes them paranoid. Investigators do everything necessary to keep their cover, so they do not compromise the results.


What is the Evidence that Will Be Collected?

The evidence will vary based on how far the client wants to go. In many cases there is video surveillance and a voice recorder used to record the spouse’s activities


If you are interested in spousal surveillance, contact Elite Investigations today. If you are having suspicions that your spouse is cheating, you should find out the facts as soon as possible. If nothing is going on, you will be able to better cope with a lack of trust and will have more of a piece of mind. If something suspicious is going on, it is better to find out sooner than later. With gathered evidence by a private investigator, you can confront your spouse in a professional manner.