Corporate Investigative Services

Here at Elite Investigations, we conduct thorough corporate investigative services to get to the bottom of every issue. There are many things that can go wrong in a corporate environment including: internal theft, insurance fraud, worker’s compensation fraud, FMLA violations, workplace misconduct and more. We conduct employee investigations through means of corporate surveillance using video surveillance, background checks, bug detection, etc.

Internal Theft

For corporate environments, there is a chance for internal theft. If you notice items that are excessively going missing, you may have a case of internal theft. From stealing merchandise and food to cash and supplies, there are many things that would be considered theft. When an employee is misusing as employer’s assets without permission, it should be investigated through various means of surveillance.

Insurance Fraud

False or exaggerated insurance claims tend to happen frequently. People may think they will not get caught, without realizing someone may be catching on to their actions. A few red flags include: the person receiving several checks, events in the accident do not add up, multiple claim payments are going to the same address. There are ways to catch insurance fraud from social media presence to video surveillance.

Worker’s Compensation

Another false or exaggerated claim employees can make is through worker’s compensation.

The accident may have been staged in many cases, to collect extra insurance money. Fake or exaggerated claims can often be proven by examining the person’s activity outside of work. If the person is in a leg cast at work and can suddenly walk at home, this would be an example of worker’s compensation.

FMLA Violations

FMLA leave is leave for employees with severe health conditions. Some signs of abuse include: FMLA leave after denial of vacation days, consistently leaving following a weekend, reports of abusing leave from employees, reporting frequent injuries after leave. You can prevent abuse by getting written documentation from a doctor or having employees use up their paid leave before taking FMLA unpaid. By contacting the employee’s medical professionals or using bug detection services, you can get to the bottom of any FMLA violations.

Workplace Misconduct

Workplace misconduct can be anything from foul language in the workplace to crude jokes or harassment. A plan should be in place along with steps for action incase this happens to one of your employees. Some other workplace misconducts include theft and releasing confidential information, intoxication from drugs or alcohol, insubordination and refusing requests from upper management and inappropriate relationships. Various surveillance methods from a private investigator to video cameras or bug detection devices can also be used to investigate workplace misconduct.

So if you are trying to get to the bottom of something going on in your workplace, hiring a private investigations service would be the first place to start. Whether the issue was proven to be true or false, you will finally have peace of mind with the right answers.