Sometimes in order to find out what is going on in the workplace, electronic countermeasures are necessary. You may find things missing or out of place, which may strike suspicion. Hidden countermeasures like cameras disguised in office equipment are a way to have a presence in your office when something is happening. If you want security in the workplace, hidden electronic equipment is a great way to have your office safe again.

Elite Investigations has many advanced pieces of equipment either for rental or to purchase. You can now monitor all of your employees to make sure that they are there to do their job. Maybe you find things missing after the cleaning crew comes in, which also can be monitored by a hidden camera. However items are going missing, you will be able to get to the bottom of the issue with hidden equipment.

Besides missing equipment, you can monitor other employee actions. 

Maybe some employees are acting inappropriately whether it be arguing or harassment. If someone claims an employee is acting inappropriately, it may be one employee’s word against the other. But, when you have electronic devices to monitor their activities – you will have proof of your employee’s actions. 

Another reason to monitor your workplace would be to check for internal theft. Whether it be supply fraud or stealing money, your employees will be monitored 24/7. By having your place secured when you aren’t there will make your feel more at peace of mind. Let your company be a safer place by contacting the expert private investigators at Elite Investigations!