If you are in need of legal and attorney support in the Las Vegas area – Elite Investigations will be at your side every step of the way. Our private investigators work closely with attorneys, so we will be able to recommend an attorney if needed.

Both investigators and attorneys work together to find the missing pieces to an investigation.  A lot of work is done before any case can be brought to court. Elite Investigations and the attorneys we work with know what it takes to make a successful court case.

Some of the legal support services that Elite Investigation offers are:

  • Jury profiling and jury polling
  • Surveillance methods
  • Locating parties- especially “missing” persons
  • Interviewing and screening witnesses
  • Unusual or difficult service of subpoenas
  • Identifying parties that may be involved through depositions or interrogations
  • Background checks on the opposing party’s litigation history, activities, lifestyle and other information that will help with the case

Here at Elite Investigations, we establish any relationships necessary in order to work with witnesses or experts involved in the case. We will conduct extra work if your case is a special case, and can work to meet deadlines. Our professional and legal contacts will help you to get your case solved quicker and to your benefit. Contact the experts at Elite Investigations handle your case today and get one step close to solving the mystery.