If you are in need of private investigation services in the Las Vegas area, know that Elite Investigations is just minutes away. To find out the truth to any complicated case, we can help with various methods including but not limited to: bug detection devices, surveillance, background checks, assets research and more. Whether your case involves corporate fraud, missing persons, domestic investigations or surveillance – we can help you get closer to solving the mystery!

When looking for a private investigator agency, be sure to check the credentials of the company. Is the company experienced enough to handle your case? Will the company be able to provide you with legal support if needed? Does the company have a good reputation in the area that you are searching for investigation services? Are they licensed, insured and bonded to perform investigative services in your state? Nevada Private Investigators employed at Elite Investigations have decades of experience in conducting investigations in Nevada and the great reputation that you need to help solve your case. 

The first thing to do before doing field work on any case is to check databases. With Elite Investigation’s access to 1000’s of databases you can save yourself time and money while searching for answers that are right in front of you. Background checks may also be necessary with parties involved before beginning the investigation process. Las Vegas Private Investigators will help you to use all available cost efficient resources available before employing: surveillance or more costly venues of investigation. After using widely available databases, if field work is still required – Elite Investigations will help to uncover the missing pieces to the puzzle.

Whether the case involves criminal actions, missing persons, domestic disputes or theft, you can be sure that Elite Investigations will be there for you every step of the way. Dedicating to protecting your privacy in the 21st century, Elite Investigations has an advanced bug detection service to detect any intrusions of privacy through hidden spy equipment. They will be watching when you cannot, to ensure that people you trust are being honest. So contact Elite Investigations today to discover the truth that you are searching for.