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Domestic Investigations

Gut instinct is a good determination that you may be right about something. In this case, with domestic investigations – we could determine anything about your spouse that you need to know. From criminal records and missing persons search to background checks and bug detective services, our private investigator agency can help solve the issues with the people closest to you.

Corporate Investigations

With businesses, there are many issues that can occur. Unfortunately, many of these issues often end up being costly for the business and hard to prove without sufficient evidence. From comapny theft to disability claim fraud – many companies are losing a lot of money each year. Luckily, with Nevada Corporate Investigations, our team has the technology and experience to get enough evidence for your case.

Legal Services

With whatever your issue, our team works closely with attorneys and legal staff to help you get the justice that you deserve. They can help to locate all parties involved in the issue, conduct interviews with witnesses and even do a complete background check of the suspect’s history, lifestyle and assets. For providing additional leads in your case, having a legal team to back you up is vital.

With over 20 years of experience, Elite Investigations has sufficient experience to handle any case. Your findings in court will be guaranteed impressive, and you will have sufficient evidence to settle your case. Do not hesitate to contact Elite Investigations for any issue from missing persons to bug detection services. So contact us today and we can help your issue to be resolved – once and for all!