When you are in need of a private investigator, Elite Investigations in Las Vegas is always here. There are many reasons that people seek to hire a private investigator. They may want knowledge of an issue that they cannot uncover information on their own or to know they are hiring a qualified agency and staff to complete work. Whether you do not have the capability or the staff, we here at Elite Investigations will aid in the investigative process.


Below are the common reasons for someone to hire a private investigator:


  1. Background Checks – Whether you need background checks for an employee, a family member, or someone you met online, Elite Investigations can help. With access to thousands of record sources, we can provide you with the information you need to find out everything you need to know about someone.
  2. Fraud and Embezzlement Cases – Background checks will help to prevent many company fraud cases by seeing if someone has a criminal history. But there are many times where someone’s record is clean and they still commit a crime. You may find assets are missing, wrong payments were made, or there were bribes in the workplace. Our corporate investigator services in Las Vegas will be able to uncover who the criminal is in your company.
  3. Hiring Workers From International Companies – To check workers overseas, you will often need to go beyond a traditional background check. It takes more effort to find out about someone overseas. Leave it to a highly trained private investigator to verify that it is a worker you can trust. We have international investigative partners that assist in these types of investigations.
  4. Insurance Investigations – False claims cost insurance companies and employers billions of dollars annually. Whether someone stretches the truth on a worker’s compensation claim,  or completely lies, Las Vegas fraud investigations can use surveillance methods to show what their true condition is.
  5. Custody Cases – People go to a private investigator for domestic investigations including information on how to win custody of their child. Maybe your spouse is engaged in illegal activity which, when presented in court, will provide the evidence you need to win custody of your child.
  6. Finding Missing Persons – Whether you want to connect with an old classmate, a lost relative, or are looking for a missing person – Elite Investigations can help.
  7. Electronic Device Sweep – People who think they may have been bugged should hire a private investigator. We will conduct a bug sweep service to find hidden cameras and devices that may put you or your business in danger.
  8. Attorneys Hire Private Investigators – They may need evidence for their case that they cannot find on their own. Our private investigators have experience in a wide variety of legal investigations and can provide key evidence by going through photographs, text messages, witness statements, etc.


Hire a private investigator from Elite Investigations that specializes in all of these areas. You can have the questions to your issues answered sooner than you think. From domestic to corporate issues, contact Elite Investigations to hire professional Las Vegas investigation services today.