You may be looking in all of the wrong places when trying to solve a domestic, corporate or missing person’s case. You need all of the resources that you can get in order to solve the problem. If your gut instinct is telling you that something is wrong, it is often true. Let the experts at Elite Investigations handle your case with their years of expertise. They are the best trained private investigators in the Las Vegas area and are well equipped to handle cases from insurance fraud to background checks.

For domestic investigations, someone you are close to may not be who they say they are. If you have just met someone and are suspicious of them, you may want to conduct a background check. Do not turn a blind eye if you believe your spouse is up to something. Investigating them may protect you or your loved ones from getting hurt. Taking action right away will help get to the bottom of the issue. Find out who your spouse really is through background checks and or surveillance. If you are going through or about to go through a separation or divorce, bug detection services have been effective in locating tracking and audio devices a former spouse placed in a home or vehicle. Your privacy is paramount and we can offer you security wherever you are.

If you are having issues at work, you may want to look into corporate investigations. By ignoring a suspicious issue at work, you could be letting your guard down with everything from insurance fraud to internal theft. If you wait too long to catch someone that has been stealing, it can become a bigger and much more costly issue in the long run.

A missing person’s case can be a much more complicated process. Elite Investigations has years of experience finding missing persons, old relatives, past school friends, etc. By conducting a Las Vegas missing persons search, you can reconnect with those you have lost contact with. We have access to over 1,000 databases from DMV records to municipal court records.

At Elite Investigations, we devote our time to protecting your interests, one case at a time. With over 20 years of surveillance experience, access to databases and conducting background checks, we are confident that we can help your case come to a close. Contact Elite Investigations for a Las Vegas Private Investigator that you can trust.