When looking for Las Vegas investigators, be sure to research companies to find the best private investigative firm in your area. Always make sure the company has employees, not a collection of sub-contractors that are here one day and then gone when you need them to testify. Be sure the company is a legitimate, licensed company that is certified by the regulatory agency assigned to control and license your investigator.
Always make sure the private investigator has an actual office that you can visit. Many investigative companies are based out of the state and have no management in the place where your case is being handled. The out of state investigative companies refer your cases to sub-contractors, not trained professionals. If you are looking to investigate Las Vegas insurance fraud or conduct corporate investigations, a private investigator should always have a main location and be easy to contact. Other companies may meet you at a location like a restaurant and will take your payment. You may not be able to find them again and you may get scammed.
Make sure the private investigator is licensed. Each state is different with requirements for the private investigations industry. Make sure the company you choose has experience – our agents at Elite Investigations have at least five years of experience in the field. A good private investigator should not pressure you to close the deal, they should listen to your concerns and offer helpful, not pushy, suggestions.
You also want to know every detail of how the private investigation agency works.
  • Will they value your confidentiality?
  • Do they have access to attorneys?
  • Will they testify in court?
  • Did they tell you clearly all of the fees up front?
  • Do they have access to high tech surveillance methods?

If you have answered all of these questions, you are probably confident that you are going to be working with a good private investigative agency. A Nevada private investigator should be able to find enough evidence to bring your case closer to being solved. Whether you have a missing persons case or a domestic case – Elite Investigations has the professionalism and experience to help you get the answers that you need.