Private investigators can help everyone from small scale-business and individuals to large-scale corporate and criminal investigations. Here at Elite Investigations, we have the technology backed by the experience to help with a variety of investigative cases and legal procedures. As a certified Las Vegas process server Elite Investigations is equipped and able to track down and serve individuals with court and case documents.

Whether you are an individual needing assistance with an investigation or a business looking for investigative help, let us help you solve your case or find someone that is avoiding process services. Turning to a Nevada private investigator can help make headway in your case and cut down the time until a successful resolution is reached. Their useful skill set will allow you to have answers quicker by using everything from public databases to surveillance.

Private investigation firms often provide aid to attorneys and companies going through legal battles. Since Elite Investigations’ private investigators are highly-trained and able to perform all types of investigations to help with legal issues. Our private investigators have useful connections to attorneys if your case is in need of a legal team. This can help both and the witnesses and can help the case move along much quicker. Investigators in the movies are often portrayed as lawbreakers, which is far from the truth. They have to abide by laws just like every citizen. But, when an individual, attorney, or company hit a brick wall in their case, a private investigator can lend a helping hand to getting an answer once and for all.