If you are lost with your missing person’s search, consider hiring a private investigator to help put back together the missing pieces. Whether you are completely out of leads or you spent a lot of time and resources, a private investigator will be there to help you look in all of the areas that you have not been searching. A Las Vegas missing persons search will help you to find the missing pieces that you need.

Get accurate and reliable information with investigations that fit your needs. With a Las Vegas private investigator like Elite Investigations, you can come one step closer to finding that missing person. We are dedicated professionals with over 20 years of investigative experience. We have extensive training with experience in both corporate and domestic investigations. We will give you timely, accurate and honest information every time.

When searching for a missing person,  the first step is to look through free databases made available to the public. We have access to over 1,000 information databases, giving you vital information where you may not have looked. This may be enough to find the person without having to conduct a costly search. If databases do not give you answers, the next step would be to conduct a thorough search that may include surveillance methods such as hidden cameras, microphones, interviews with suspects, etc.

Putting together all of the information that you uncover can be difficult, which is why we have a Las Vegas process server to help serve you the legal documents you need. This makes any missing person’s case seem less hectic and you will be able to clearly see the information you have and the information that you may still need. We work with a legal team so in case you need lawyers, we work close by so that you have everything you need with our team. With the help of our expert team at Elite Investigations, you can contact us to get closer to the answer you need.