Corporate Surveillance Services In Las Vegas

Keeping An Eye On Things For You

At Elite Investigations our surveillance teams are comprised of highly trained professionals, well versed in tactics and regulatory compliance. Extensive training is given in order to avoid entrapment, misrepresentation, trespassing and invasion of privacy. Our corporate investigators are extremely capable and fully-equipped to obtain powerful and incontrovertible video and investigative reports.

With more than 20 years of surveillance experience, you can rest assured that Elite Investigations will handle your information gathering needs with discretion and a level of expertise that ensures full admissibility of all findings in any court of law, should that be required. While our investigators are available for court appearances, the compelling and irrefutable nature of our video and investigative reports generally precludes that circumstance.

The types of cases that can be resolved effectively through the use of discreet surveillance and sub rosa tactics include: worker’s compensation fraud, personal injury lawsuits, FMLA violations, legal investigations and infidelity, among others. Contact us for a discussion regarding your specific corporate surveillance needs.

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The video you obtained of the plaintiff working as a roofer allowed the judge to see that his slip and fall lawsuit was invalid, and he was not injured as he claimed.
Anna, Attorney for the Defense