Trademark Infringement

Protecting Your Good Name (And Profits)

If you’ve worked hard to build a brand, others will often try to profit from your efforts by producing “knockoffs” at cheap prices and quality. These illegal products often show up at the virtually constant trade shows that take place here in Las Vegas.

Elite Investigations has the means, motive and opportunity to research and put a stop to trademark infringement, saving you time and travel expenses. We can react quickly and provide an opportunity to stop this illegal competition in its tracks.

Elite Investigations services in this area include:

  • Canvassing known areas of Las Vegas for trade dress infringement and counterfeit items
  • Conducting covert investigations to obtain samples and photographic evidence of suspect product or service mark infringement
  • Conduct civil seizures in conjunction with local and federal law enforcement
  • Cataloging and documenting seized evidence for chain of evidence, to include secure storage of evidence and destroying evidence under court order.

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