Pre-Dating & Premarital Investigations

Formalizing The Bonds Of Trust

In a perfect world, we could accept everyone at face value, secure in the facts they have presented, without ever having to question or second guess…but in the real world, we cannot rely on the kindness of virtual strangers. Your good intentions may not be reciprocated, in which case the sooner you know who you’re dealing with the better.

Premarital and Predating Investigations begin with the basics. Elite Investigations will investigate an individual’s past by researching court records and documentation in the states where they have resided. Depending on your needs, the investigation can include:

  • Civil Court Cases
  • Criminal Cases
  • Sex Offender Research
  • Federal Court Cases
  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Divorce and Marriage Records
  • Assets Research
  • Age/date of birth verification
  • Employment/social status verification
  • Financial background
  • Trustworthy (check to see if your potential mate would cheat on you if given the opportunity)

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