Licensed Private Detective in Las Vegas

Licensed Private Detective in Las Vegas

Whether it is finding a person from your past, doing a background check on a potential employee, or even attempting to finally find out if that nagging gut feeling that your spouse is unfaithful is valid, Elite Investigations is here to help. Your case will be handled by a highly educated and fully licensed private detective who is acutely aware of all the legal procedures policies and practices that need to be adhered to when operating in the state of Nevada.

Here at Elite Investigations, unlike many other private detective firms, we work hard to train our detectives so that they specialize in one of two areas: surveillance or field investigations.

The nature of your case will determine which of our professionals is qualified and trained to our rigorous standards to take it on. We personally train every one of our investigators from the ground up to ensure that they are familiar with all of the intricate laws in Nevada that could potentially affect a case. Additionally, we know that delicate situations such as infidelity require discretion and understanding which is why we ensure every investigator is backed with years of experience and knows how to appropriately handle every potential situation so that you get what you deserve – the truth.


Should your case deal with insurance claims, internal theft, FMLA violations, infidelity, or other personal matters, then a highly trained detective who specializes in surveillance will undertake the case. This means that you can be sure the investigator can be discreet and careful during their work as they monitor and survey the individuals before reporting their findings back to you.

Field Investigation

The field investigators at Elite Investigations have undergone all of the same strict licensing procedures that others have, but their training at Elite helps tailor them specifically to dealing with other individuals while conducting their investigations. Gathering statements, interviewing witnesses, retrieving paperwork, and performing asset checks are all tasks that would fall under our field investigators specialty.

The old adage that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” no longer applies to the modern world. Now you can hire a discreet and highly trained professional investigation company to help you find out what your spouse is doing, what an “injured employee” is claiming benefits for, and what illegal activities individuals are conducting that affect you and your business with the help of one of Elite Investigations highly trained detectives.

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