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There’s a lot of legwork involved in bringing a case to court and at Elite Investigations we have a great deal of experience in these matters. Our private detectives and investigators can work closely with your legal staff to bring the kind of evidence in that can make your case. We are able to fulfill any kind of special service, including but not limited to:

  • Unusual or difficult service of subpoenas
  • Locating all parties to litigation, including “missing” clients
  • Conducting surveillance
  • Conducting interviews and screening potential witnesses
  • Complete in-depth background research regarding the opposing party’s previous litigation history, lifestyle, assets, physical activities or any other matter crucial to the litigation at hand
  • Review of depositions or interrogatories in order to identify other parties that may aid in the defense of the litigation
  • Jury profiling and jury polling

At Elite Investigations, our private investigators are experienced in establishing the kind of relationship and rapport necessary to increase the cooperation of witnesses or experts. If your case has special circumstances, we can adapt to your unique requirements and work in a creative, efficient and timely manner to meet your deadlines. Our professional contacts within the industry and related fields can be instrumental in providing additional leads or information for the general defense of any litigation.

Give us a call to further discuss the specifics of your case needs and together we’ll come up with a tailor made solution that gets results.

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The video you obtained of the plaintiff working as a roofer allowed the judge to see that his slip and fall lawsuit was invalid, and he was not injured as he claimed.
Anna, Attorney for the Defense