Pre-Employment & Employee Background Checks

Taking A Closer Look

Background investigations are a commonly used method of determining if someone is telling the whole truth or hiding something. Whether for purposes of employment or other reasons, an Elite Investigations background check can uncover evidence of past litigation, criminal activity, bankruptcy research and asset location.

Depending on the depth of information required, Elite’s private investigators can verify a subject’s background by methods including field interviews with prior employers and co-workers, targeted neighborhoods or other involved parties. If required, Elite Investigations can conduct research nationally and internationally. You can review all pre-employment regulations at the Federal Trade Commission.

Pre-Employment Investigations

Elite Investigations can protect your interests by revealing the facts people may be trying to hide from you. Our pre-employment investigations are fully compliant with the FCRA and begin with a residential history on the applicant for the past 7 years. Based on that information, court sources are researched in the corresponding counties for any possible cases that are related to the applicant. A thorough pre-employment investigation should include criminal history, civil history, driving record check, education verification, and previous employment verification.

Once the pre-employment investigation and background check is complete a formal report is submitted outlining the information gathered. In this way, a fully informed decision can be made regarding the individual in question.

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Background Checks

Background Investigations can be used in a variety of situations:

  • Determine the financial background of a potential defendant on a lawsuit
  • Locate any “dirt” hidden in the opposing litigant’s history
  • Screen potential customers or suppliers for credit worthiness and reputation
  • Conduct opposition research on your competitors
  • Identify a pattern of frivolous lawsuits filed by the opposing litigant
DID YOU KNOW? It is estimated that 53% of all job applications and resumes include some false or inflated facts.