Background Checks

When Face Value Is Not Enough

The days of accepting someone’s claims about their past purely on their word are over. There is simply too much misrepresentation to make an informed decision without double checking. In these cases, the initial client interview is particularly important in order to determine what the investigative needs are. Many individuals represent themselves as private detectives and investigators, but in reality, they are just brokers of data. Why pay $49.99 or $149.99 for a simple report of possible matches that costs as little as $7.00 to obtain? Hire a true investigator that will verify the information for you.

Know what you are paying for before you take a leap of faith with such important consequences. Ask your prospective firm questions and do not assign the case if you are not comfortable in what you are getting back in return. Is the party you are interested in: a child abuser, sex offender, spousal abuser, bankrupt, still married or untruthful, unemployed, a deadbeat or a convicted felon? Our experts will discover the truth and get you results in a timely fashion. We guarantee our work and work product.

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Your background investigation on my fiancé assured me that he was everything I dreamed of. Thank you for confirming the truth.

Stacy in Las Vegas