Las Vegas Workplace Misconduct

Due Diligence To Protect Your Interest

Given the legal environment in today’s business world, successful companies must remain vigilant to the threat of civil lawsuits and workplace misconduct. Claims of workplace misconduct must be fully investigated in order to avoid further liability. These claims may include:

  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination
  • unprofessional behavior
  • impropriety
  • corporate espionage
  • insubordination
  • gross misconduct

Elite Investigations can conduct a third party investigation into the matter at hand by interviewing the involved parties, obtaining statements from witnesses, conducting surveillance on the Claimant, as well as collecting documentation and evidence directly related to the claim.

Elite Investigations can also conduct an undercover investigation by infiltrating the company as a fellow employee in order to see the “real” relationships between co-workers and supervisors. This can give management a clearer picture of the inner workings within the company.

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