Internal Corporate Theft & Fraud

Catching Up With The Enemy Within

It’s particularly difficult to face the fact that one of the biggest threats facing any business today comes from within its own ranks. In some cases, the very same people who help make the business run are those most capable of breaking it. Beyond the monetary loss and threat to your livelihood is the betrayal of trust, which also takes its toll.

The US Chamber of Commerce reports that over 50 billion dollars are lost annually to employee theft and fraud. Furthermore, 20% of all businesses fail or go bankrupt due to internal theft and fraud. Elite Investigations specializes in the identification, elimination and prevention of these kinds of issues in the workplace.

Whether your issue involves screening a prospective business partner, developing a loss prevention program, investigating a fraud or documenting employee misconduct, Elite corporate security investigators and detectives are capable and discreet.

Elite Investigations’ undercover operatives are highly trained to “fit in” any socio-economic environment from the executive suite to the restaurant counter. Whether for employee surveillance, undercover infiltration, or interrogation of suspect employees, we offer the strongest team of highly trained, seasoned, gender and culturally diverse private investigators, all of whom know Las Vegas and Nevada state law inside and out.

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DID YOU KNOW? 68.6% of employees who steal have no prior criminal background.