Spousal Surveillance

Don’t Be The Last To Know What’s Going On

There’s more to trust than blind faith and when that trust is compromised, life as you know it can change. You have a right to know if your spouse, mate or lifetime partner is unfaithful and Elite Investigations has the right team to help. Our specialized private investigators are trained professionals, who can gather the facts you need to make an informed decision about your future.

At Elite Investigations, we make your problem our problem. The investigation our private detectives conduct on your behalf will work within your budget and your comfort level. We consider it very important to hold ourselves to the highest standards, while still being completely goal oriented. You need information, but how we get it is always subject to your approval.

When in the field, the Investigator assigned to your case is able to document your partner’s activity on video in most public locations, including restaurants, clubs, casinos, or shopping centers, while adhering to all applicable privacy laws. We know Las Vegas in and out and that experience will serve you well. Should you require additional documentation, a formal report can be prepared, which will outline all activities, including those not captured on video.

You can also rest assured that Elite’s private investigators will always be discreet and respectful of your delicate situation. We always conduct ourselves in adherence to all trespassing laws and regulations, which is why our surveillance reports and videos will be admissible in court.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you’ve gotten this far, there’s obviously a situation occurring that has raised some suspicion. Unfortunately, this situation is far more common than some of us might imagine. If your intuition is telling you there is something going on, it is worth finding out the facts once and for all. Get the peace of mind that you deserve and get the facts before confronting your partner. Undeniable evidence of an unfaithful spouse can be difficult to accept, but once in hand it will give you the advantage.

Danger Signs To Watch For

  • Changes in work schedule. Does your partner suddenly spend more time after hours at work, or taking “clients” out on social events? Are they hard or impossible to reach while “at work”?
  • Additional need for privacy. Do your partner’s phone calls and internet activities suddenly seem more secretive? Are you given the third degree when you ask about innocent things that you would not consider private? Does your partner have multiple email addresses that he/she visits frequently?
  • Sudden availability to assist with errands. Does your partner frequently volunteer to take the dog on long walks or run to the store to pick up an item at night? Maybe he/she is looking for opportunities to contact someone else on their cell phone during that time.
  • Changes in intimacy. Has your partner’s interest in intimacy decreased recently? Have they brought home new positions or behavior that does not fit a usual pattern? Is he/she buying you gifts or flowers for no reason? He/she may be trying to compensate for guilty actions.
  • Unexplained charges on credit or debit card statements.
  • Cell phone bill detailing calls at odd hours for long durations.
  • Suspicious voice messages or text messages being left by an anonymous sender.

In and of themselves, these signs and many others may not mean there’s a problem…but we can help you be sure one way or the other.

Request a Confidential Consultation

Elite Investigations Leads The Way – With A Free Consultation

We realize you’re headed into uncharted territory, but our experience and standards can guide and serve you well. We take pride in solving problems for our clients, which is why Elite Investigations handles more cases for out-of-state PI’s than any other firm in Nevada. We know the people, places and ways to get the job done.

Local cases make it possible to meet with us in person, at our location or yours. Take advantage of our free consultation and learn what your options are. Know that whatever you decide to do, it will be an informed decision.

Tourist cases can be undertaken without your ever having to set foot in Las Vegas. If your loved one is traveling here, and you’re not so sure about their activities, we can keep an eye on things for you. We specialize in airport, hotel/casino and convention surveillance so that what happens in Las Vegas, doesn’t have to stay in Las Vegas.

DID YOU KNOW? 70% of married women and 54% of married men did not know of their spouse’s extramarital activity.