Find a Missing Person in Las Vegas

Find a Missing Person in Las Vegas

Last year according to the National Crime Information Center’s Missing Person File, there were 627,911 missing person records entered into their database. And as of January 1st, 2014 there are 84,136 missing person cases still open. Many of the 627,911 cases were cleared either by the missing persons voluntarily returning home or were found by law enforcement. But it’s inevitable that not all of these cases had happy endings. This means a number of family members and loved ones were found dead or even after severe trauma had been inflicted upon them.

The fact of the manner is that law enforcement just isn’t equipped to effectively deal with the volume of cases they receive each year. And when the life of a loved one is at stake you shouldn’t have to wait until the police deems a case worthy of investigating. Instead of waiting, hire Elite Investigations to start your missing person search as soon as you think it’s necessary. And in the case of abductions, starting the search as quickly as possible is usually a matter of life and death.

Another advantage of hiring Elite Investigations to find a missing person in Las Vegas is the wider range of cases we’re able to pursue. For instance, the police will only investigate someone who was missing under suspicious circumstances and not someone who had left of their own volition or someone who was homeless. To this end you can hire Elite Investigations to help you find everyone from family members, birth parents, old school friends, past romantic acquaintances, someone you’d like to take civil action against or even someone who owes you money. Particularly when it comes to witness missing person search, the police may not take action to locate a witness because they’re too busy with cases where someone is in danger; we will track down your witnesses for you, so your trial doesn’t end up sabotaged by an empty bench.

In their search efforts Elite Investigations focuses on efficiency. Doing this we can cut down on the amount of time a search takes and also save our clients money. We have access to over 1,000 information databases which helps us hone in on the location of a missing person. Some of the databases we utilize include municipal court records, motor vehicle records, bankruptcy filings and federal court records. And in addition to our data mining capabilities, we have investigators skilled in the type of field work required in missing person cases.

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Thank you for helping me find my missing daughter. I needed help immediately, and you were there, ready to take on the case. I recommend Elite to anyone in need.
Donna in CA