[lightbox link=”https://www.eliteinvestigations.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/phSpy_Glasses.jpg” thumb=”https://www.eliteinvestigations.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/phSpy_Glasses.jpg” width=”183″ align=”center” title=”phSpy_Glasses” frame=”true” icon=”image”]What Is Employee Theft?
Employee theft is a problem for many companies, according to the Department of Justice 33 percent of employees will commit a type of work related fraud. The definition of stealing can range from taking the office stapler to stealing from accounts. For a more detailed description of employee theft click here. There are steps to help minimize and prevent employee theft and fraud, and we here at Elite Investigations have tips to help in keeping employee theft to a minimum.


1. Run a Background Check
This is a great way to find out who is fit for your business and who isn’t. Before you hire someone, it is essential to run a background check. Anyone with a drug addiction is at much greater risk for stealing in order to support their habit. Scanning someone’s background can check for drugs, fraudulent credentials, employment records, and any criminal history.

2. Use a “Buddy System”
Making sure there isn’t only one person alone monitoring your company is one of the keys to preventing theft and fraud. Having two employees work at the same time from open until close will minimize the opportunities to steal.

3. Keep an Eye on Employees
People will think twice about stealing when they know that their employers are watching them 24/7. Surveillance cameras help to catch theft, and using an HD camera will help clearly identify the person. It’s important to have a camera in your stock room as well to keep employees from stealing equipment. Having corporate surveillance will help company owners know who is stealing.

4. Don’t Ignore Trash Removal

Throwing items in the trash is another way people can steal. It’s an opportunity because once it’s trash, other people in the office will not want to deal with it. By using clear plastic bags, this will help to prevent office stealing.

5. Anonymous Tip Line
Having a way for employees to talk about things going on in the office confidentially is a way to keep track up suspicious behavior. Information provided by employees about thefts can be rewarded. When coworkers know about this tip line, they will be a lot less likely to steal.

6. Get Familiar with Employees
People are less likely to steal from someone they know well. Happy employees turn out to be the more honest workers, which will help to limit employee thefts in the workplace. So contact us here to find out more information on how to monitor your company.