Elite Investigations specializes in insurance fraud and business-related investigations. We cover everything you need to know about business, whether it’s a fake business, if there is fraudulent activity, if business mergers sound legitimate, etc. These type of searches cover criminal, financial and all aspects of a business.

Why Conduct a Business Investigation?

There are often fraudulent activities within businesses that go unnoticed. It is better to run a business investigation even if nothing is wrong than not to monitor activities and unknowingly lose money. Here at Elite investigations, our licensed Nevada private investigators will get you the information needed to ensure your business is equipped to succeed and not fall victim to employee fraud or mismanagement. You will be able to determine much of the employee’s character through a background check, and if they are someone your company can trust.

Corporate Investigations are done across many platforms, from internet activity and social media presence to brand monitoring. This will help ensure there isn’t any wrongdoing within the company, and if there is – it can be fixed before becoming a major issue.

What Does a Business Investigation Check For?

The breadth of service that your business decides to use for surveillance is completely up to you. You can tailor your business needs to your search, so we can better help your situation. We investigate everything from:

  • Finances
  • Security cameras
  • Countermeasure Sweeps
  • Computer forensics
  • Insurance fraud
  • And much more!

To ensure your business is truly safe, you need to have all of the information about your business and its employees. Available businesses information tends to be very limited, all the more reason that it is vitally important to investigate with a corporate investigator in Las Vegas who has access to the technology and information that your business needs to go from compromised to ensured safety.