Since the job market in Las Vegas has shown a large job growth throughout 2016, the need for corporate investigation services is needed now more than ever. Citizens of Las Vegas are benefiting from the brighter future and a brighter job market. According to Review Journal, Las Vegas has added 26,000 jobs over the summer of this year. In 2011, the unemployment rate was 13.8 percent, but by June of this year, the rate was 6.9 percent. The unemployment rate has decreased drastically by being cut in half. According to Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation the Las Vegas metro in the past year has  added 26,400 jobs.

The Las Vegas Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the increase of jobs in nearly all departments from construction and mining, to education and government jobs. Along with an increase in jobs, there has also been an increase of wages.

However, when there is in increase in jobs, there is also an increase in company fraud. Elite Investigations pays close attention when conducting corporate investigations. With a trained private detective team, and years of experience, we are able to get to the source of potential threats. We deal with company issues from insurance fraud and theft to FMLA violations and missing persons. We use top notch technology with corporate surveillance, we investigate businesses using a strategic approach to save you time and money. Interested in what Las Vegas corporate investigators learn here? Check out our table!