If you are looking for Las Vegas Investigative Services, then you have come to the right place. Here at Elite Investigations, we have experience in dealing with many different cases from domestic investigations to corporate investigations.

For domestic investigations, we have private investigators available around the clock to help figure out difficult cases from background checks to conducting surveillance or any other type of investigation. These days, it is important to take precautions when letting new people into your life and sometimes, the people that have been near you the longest are the most untrustworthy. This is more than about avoiding getting a broken heart – it is also about protecting your loved ones from harm. You can be assured that our experts will find out the truth for your peace of mind.

Whether your spouse is untruthful, abusing, bankrupt, unemployed, or a convicted felon – we can get to the bottom of it. We will discover what is behind the suspicious activity with various surveillance methods. Some of the red flags we often find with spouses are: recent weight loss, secrecy relative to their cellular phone, buying a new wardrobe or wearing clothing that is not typical for a night out, financial statements are not being delivered to your home, new hobbies being taken up, spending late hours at the office, over payments, being too defensive, etc. Many troubled couples try to hide cash from each other for different reasons, which is often a sad fact of marriage. Technology and electronic devices are making it much easier to discover illegal activity among your spouse.

After reading this, if you are ready to finally discover what your spouse is hiding, then contact Elite Investigations today. We can help you discover what is going on, through our various methods of surveillance and investigation. If your spouse if hiding something from you, then you have every right to know. So call Elite Investigations today to get the facts – you deserve to know the truth.