Corporate Investigations and Domestic Investigations

If you are looking for corporate or domestic investigations, Elite Investigations has over 20 years of experience with these types of investigations in the Las Vegas area. For corporate investigations, we have investigators to investigate everything from insurance fraud to internal theft. For domestic investigations, we have missing persons search, spousal surveillance, bug sweeping and more. For a private detective agency that is trusted by many in the Las Vegas area – turn to Elite Investigations. 

Corporate Investigations

Our licensed corporate investigators will help you find a solution to any issues in your business environment. If you sense something is off with your business, then it is worth checking it out with a Las Vegas private investigator. We have the technology to perform anything from bug sweeping to corporate surveillance to get to the bottom of the issue. Whether it is worker’s comp fraud or an FMLA violation, we can make sure your business is taking the proper precautions.

Domestic Investigations

Whether you have a missing person’s case or a loved one that is acting in secrecy, Elite Investigations will be there! We will do everything possible to help give you the information you need. Even if you were incorrect about the spousal situation, it is better to know the truth then to wonder about it!

So call Elite Investigations today if you are in need of private investigative services in the Las Vegas area. We will gladly help you with any issue you have that requires investigative services. For the best Las Vegas private investigator, contact Elite Investigations today!