Insurance fraud often happens with many corporations who end up needing professional help from a private investigator. In the Las Vegas area, a Las Vegas private investigator can help with many corporate issues, especially regarding insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud can be anything from filing a false health claim with health insurance for worker’s comp or filing a false claim with a car including fake damages with Las Vegas auto insurance fraud. With worker’s comp, a person can file a fake disability or stage a slip and fall at work. Come companies may experience supposed fake injuries. A company can hire a private investigator since they know the legal end to investigating, so you do not end up in trouble. If you were to investigate someone yourself, you can run into legal trouble since there are many things you can do wrong.

Las Vegas private investigation can give you the answers you need. Insurance fraud can be very costly to a company, which is why it is important to investigate. There are quite a few red flags to insurance fraud that may prompt a company to investigate. These include:

  • Injured Worker has additional income from weekly wage
  • Injured worker files for benefits in another state
  • Accident happened before layoffs, strikes, etc.
  • Injury is not consistent with the nature of the business
  • Worker moves out of town

When controlling the cost of running your business, there are challenges a company will face that are beyond the daily operations. These problems often go above their head and take time and money to solve. With an experienced private investigator, your costs will be lower than if you tried to investigate the issue yourself. Often times, an investigator can save you time by finding answers through the thousands of public documents. This alone can sometimes find the answers you need without an investigation.

If you think someone in your company is committing insurance fraud, consider hiring a private investigator. They have the experience and knowledge of legal aspects to run an efficient investigation to get you the answers you deserve. Contact Elite Investigations to hire a Las Vegas Private investigator to help get to the bottom of your issue for good!