When you are in need of help with finding a missing person, Elite Investigations is the number one private investigation service in Nevada that is there to help you with a missing person’s search. With a Nevada private investigator like Elite Investigations,


We have over 20 years of experience handling all investigation cases from missing person’s search and Las Vegas outstanding liens and judgments to domestic and corporate investigations. We are capable of conducting investigative work throughout the state of Nevada and the investigative associates we work with reach across the globe. When locating a missing person, we will go through everything from public documents to surveillance in order to find them.


Our staff is trained with extensive written and hands-on training with private investigations. We know the 24-hour atmosphere of Las Vegas and work non-stop to find you the answers that you need! We know the lay of the land in Nevada and the Las Vegas area. You will always have contact with our professionals and all of our work stays within the firm – we will not subcontract out work like many other investigative firms. We also work closely with a legal team that has a process server to organize your legal documents and have them distributed to the proper recipients.


We know our state and all of the rules of Nevada. We will never overstep our bounds and know what is legal and what is illegal. To protect all parties, we will contact the missing person if they are reachable to notify them when someone is looking for them. It is up to the missing person to give out their location and contact information.

With Las Vegas private investigator services,  Elite Investigations will look in all of the right places to help locate a missing person. Whether you need to locate lost relatives, missing loved ones, past romantic acquaintances or old school friends – we can help. So don’t wait any longer, and get closer to finding your missing person!