Investigating Disability Claims

If you are in need of investigating a disability claim that may be fraudulent, then you have come to the right place. As a Las Vegas, we investigate a variety of claims- from insurance and disability fraud to employee theft and background checks. Our life disability...

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Las Vegas Corporate Investigators

Having a personal investigator for any of your corporate issues may be the best decision that you can make as a company. Whether it is an issue that you do not have the authority to surveil or you are trying to investigate potentially fraudulent activity, Nevada...

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Investigate Fraud with Las Vegas Corporate Investigators

Investigating fraud is important to do right away in order to keep the issue from possibly escalating further and costing you more money. We are a reliable Las Vegas insurance fraud investigations company and can help you to get you the answers before the issue...

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The Number One Private Investigator in Nevada

The Las Vegas investigators at Elite Investigations will help with any situation that you need investigation services. Whether your issue involves: corporate, financial, legal, missing persons, domestic issues and more - you can count on an experienced Las Vegas...

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Investigating Insurance Fraud in Las Vegas

Insurance fraud comes in many different forms. When people think of insurance fraud they usually think of false claims for injury. There are many ways a person can defraud an insurance company. When a person provides false information to an insurance company in order...

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