Do You Need to Find Someone?

If you need to find someone in the Las Vegas area, consider hiring an experienced private investigation firm. At Elite Investigations, we have over 20 years of experience dealing with many different cases from missing persons searches to spousal surveillance. If you...

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How to Find a Quality Private Investigation Company

When looking for Las Vegas investigators, be sure to research companies to find the best private investigative firm in your area. Always make sure the company has employees, not a collection of sub-contractors that are here one day and then gone when you need them to...

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Corporate Investigations Made Easy

If you are a company looking to hire a professional Las Vegas private investigator then look no further than Elite Investigations. When companies need assistance, whether it is performing background checks or investigating insurance fraud - Elite Investigations is...

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Solving Domestic, Corporate and Missing Person’s Cases

You may be looking in all of the wrong places when trying to solve a domestic, corporate or missing person’s case. You need all of the resources that you can get in order to solve the problem. If your gut instinct is telling you that something is wrong, it is often...

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Looking In All The Right Places

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